GPS Vala Tracking Devices Benefits

The benefits you rip from installing GPS tracking devices are many. You can use car tracking system, fleet management system, driving direction system and even can track your kids, pet and elderly people at home. Let's take these one by one

Vehicle Tracking   Personal tracking Fleet Management

When used for car tracking, not only you can know the exact location of the car but can also know the exact speed and direction of the car. If your son is driving, you know where exactly has he been. Where did he stop and is he lying to you?
You can use it for theft protection. We can install systems which will alert you if the car leaves the place where it should be. So, even if you are not at home and the car goes out of the garage, you know when to call the cops.


What a headache it can be, especially if the fleet is large and always moving. More problem awaits if you have multiple fleets to manage. Not with RoadPoint India's fleet management solution though. You can get all the update about the exact location of the fleet, the speed and direction and also the stoppage time for every fleet.

You can know if the drivers are being too lazy and taking frequent breaks or are they taking dangerous shortcuts or if they are speeding to make it on time. Be in total control of your fleet with our permanent and reliable solution. Never miss an expected delivery date with our systems monitoring every activity of your fleets. .

Does your toddler always run and hide? Does your father is too old and often can't remember the way back to home? Did you ever lose a dog who went out and never returned? For you, we have the ideal solutions. With our personal tracking system, you can know where the person or the pet is exactly.
No more tensed moments, no more thoughts of your children being lost or kidnapped. Relax with all the information about their location, right in your mobile phone.

There are several more indirect implications as well. Your business can see increased profitability by effective fleet management. Your car insurance premium can come down when it is fitted with a tracker.
The complete solution is provided by RoadPoint India and we also take responsibility of installing, managing, troubleshooting and upgrading of every equipment we sell. AIS 140 GPS