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Commercial fleet management made easy, thanks to RoadPoint India. It can be a tiring job, even in this age of mobile communication, unless you have our AIS 140 GPS Devices transmitting every bit of relevant data to the fleet manager. The job is a demanding job and fleet management is a very important issue. Many companies succeed and many companies fail depending on how well or how badly they manage their fleets. Fleet management can be needed in many cases.
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  • You might be having a delivery system where you need to deliver products to various parts of the country. Example: online retail shops.
  • You might need to have fleet management system for delivering your products to your distributors, dealers and retailers.
  • You might have a supply chain from various OEM manufacturers to your factory. Any flaw in fleet management can either make goods overflow or production stop due to the paucity.
  • You might have a distributed production system where you need to bring in various products from your different factories to the final plant or warehouse.
  • You need to have a strong fleet management system if you are delivering perishable goods to other parts of the country. Example: milk, fish.

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Whatever is your case, unless you have a fleet management system which can handle the fleets (yes, you might have more than one fleet moving at a time and we understand it too), you can be in deep trouble where you not only bet your money but also your professional reputation. Why take such a big risk if you can have our professional fleet management system working for you.
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Our fleet management system comes with many benefits. Let us tell you a few quickly.

  • It delivers the exact location of the fleet in real-time.
  • It tells you if any driver is speeding.
  • It tells you if the fleet is deviating from the pre-determined route.
  • It tells you individual details for every truck in the fleet.
  • It tells you the stoppage time of every halt made.
  • It tells you the speed and direction of the fleet in real-time
  • It tells you if your fleet is on right time or lagging behind.

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      Coupled with the latest fleet management software, these machines can lead to a better financial future and more professional reputation. Install our fleet management system today to reap every benefit they have to offer.

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