Personal Tracking System in India

Personal tracking devices are coming of age in India, thanks to RoadPoint India. Our revolutionary solutions to different personal tracking issues have made it easy, possible and affordable for all.
We are one of the very few Indian companies to have a dedicated and separate personal tracking system division because we understand the purpose these devices serve are drastically different from any other mode of tracking solution we provide. Our personal tracking system hardly have any commercial use and they are mostly used for emotional purposes. From our decades of experience, we understood that Indian people are using personal tracking for three main purposes.

  • Tracking pets: A pet can be our best companion and friend and we often treat the pet dog as a family member. When it is lost, we spend enormous time, energy and money to find it. There are reports of dog kidnapping and that is why we recommend using pet tracking system from RoadPoint India. Just attach it to the collar and you will know where to find your best mate.
  • Tracking elders: Old age can be a devastating thing. Not only our health is frail but we also tend to lose our memory. So many times we see elders looking for a way to go back to home and can not remember where exactly they live. If you want to take the best care of your elderly member of family and show them your gratitude for giving you the best possible life they could, buy them personal tracking system from RoadPoint India. With our gadget, your parents are never lost.
  • Tracking Toddlers: We all wish for lively babies and yet lively babies make us so worried about them when they sneak out to explore the neighbourhood. With kidnapping crime record at its all time high, the moment Junior goes missing, the worst fears come to us. Protect your baby from any possible danger by attaching a kid tracking device to them. Let them play, learn and grow as they wish while you knowing exactly where to find them.

We will never sell you a product which gives us the best margin of profit but we will sell you a solution which will let you know exactly where the family members are. Our AIS 140 GPS Devices are designed to give the mental peace which money cant buy. Safe, precise and sophisticated personal tracking system from RoadPoint India can work wonders for you.

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Gt06 N
GPS Tracker
The multifunctional GPS Vehicle Tracker (GT06N) is the best-seller among Concox’s products.
Bike Tracker
WeTrack2 GPS vehicle tracker is manufactured to meet the need of electromobiles and motorcycles.
Personal Tracker
Concox GT300 is a new personal GPS tracker which is fashion looking, slim and light, making it perfect for keeping your loved ones under protection.
Magnet Tracker
Built-in powerful magnets,easy attached GPS vehicle tracker.
Student Id card tracker
GK309 is a smart GPS Kids Phone with a student card in it just for students on campus.

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Road Point India is a popular name in the GPS industry of India and among thousands of satisfied clients. We have taken the standard of GPS solutions to international class in India, almost singlehandedly.

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